Tuesday, May 13, 2014


This past weekend, my mom and dad were in town from Florida. This was the first time that they've come to see me since I moved here 6 months ago. They would have come sooner, but I honestly wanted them to wait until they could walk the streets without being miserably cold. And we definitely lucked out with the weather this weekend.

Saturday we walked from my parent's hotel in the Chelsea area, down Broadway through the Flatiron district. Obviously a little shopping was done along with way. This picture is of Mad. Sq. Eats, a pop-up culinary market that we passed by, and I'm definitely going to have to check out before the end of the month.

My mom & dad in front of the Flatiron building, wandering down Broadway. I love this part of town. But then again, I say that about almost every part of town in the City. With this beautiful weather we've been having, I've finally been having the chance to get out and explore, and I am falling more in love with it every day. I've heard that New York is a city that you have to live in for a few years before it really sucks you in and makes you a life-er. We will see...

The last time my mom and dad were in New York was circa 2007, so they had not gotten to see the Freedom Tower. It was just a pile of construction the last time they were here. A trip to Battery Park was a must. Here's our view from Robert Wagner Park.

And in front of the Statue of Liberty. Yes, that's a tiny Lady Liberty behind us to the right.

On Sunday, we had Mother's Day brunch at Almond . I am a big fan of their juevos rancheros.  And then went on to do a little more walking through the Chelsea Market and the Highline before my parents had to catch their flight. It's always tough to see them go, but I'll be planning a trip to Florida in the next couple of months. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Let's be honest, I haven't been as good about keeping up with this blog as planned. It's April and I'm on post #3. When I originally decided to start this blog, I was searching for a creative outlet from my day to day, which is definitely still something that I need. I can't make any promises, but over time I'll hopefully start to post more and more frequently.

So, what have I been so buys doing for the past 3 months, you ask? Well, in February I took a much needed trip to Florida, escaped from the cold and spent some quality family time by the pool.

In March, I took a trip to Charleston to celebrate my birthday.

This was my first time in Charleston, and I thoroughly enjoyed some nice spring weather, sea food, and being by the water. Plus it's always good to be back in the South!

Charleston is great mix of southern charm meets laid back beach town. We took a stroll down the infamous Rainbow Row.

Rainbow Row lead us to the Battery.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Home improvement project: hanging curtains

This is my pre-curtains picture of my bedroom. I recently (a little over two months ago) moved from Chicago to New York City, and I'm sill getting settled in my new home. As most know, the real estate/ rental market in New York is a challenge to say the least. Rent is insanely high, there is a ton of competition for the "good" places, and the fees that come along with hiring a broker to do your work for you some times add up to 3 months worth of rent alone. 

I was fortunate to have found a place myself via the tried and true Craigslist. Going from a modern, door man building to a 4th floor walk up in an older building has been a bit of an adjustment. However, I am incredibly blessed to live in the most awesome city in the US (maybe even the world?!) and I am in an awesome location, close to work and an easy walk to a subway that will take me just about anywhere I need to go. There truly is no place like NYC. And one of the perks of living in a older building is having more character; I love the exposed brick in my bedroom and living room.


My sister was kind enough to send my these two extra curtain panels that she had from West Elm. I think they make my room look much more homey and warm, and they do a great job of keeping the sunlight out which is perfect for sleeping late on a Saturday. What do you think? I'm a big fan of West Elm... My curtains were a gift, but they just so happen to be on sale right now!

Velvet Grommet Curtains West Elm , Cafe Drapery Rod Bed Bath and Beyond

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Resolutions & Serendipity

Hello 2014. Another new year always means reflecting on where the past year has brought you, and another set of resolutions. In 2013 I traveled to San Francisco for the first time, celebrated the weddings of two of my close friends, traveled to Toronto, moved to New York City, started a new job, and shared many great memories with my wonderful friends, family & boyfriend. For my first blog post and to the start the new year, I wanted to share my 14 New Year's resolutions for 2014... and here I am checking #3 off my list! 

1. Make a mint.com budget and actually stick to it.

2. Form a positive habit- it only takes 40 days.
3. Start blogging.
4. Get involved in something new and challenge yourself to meet new people.
5. Go to Vegas for the first time.
6. Take a dance class at NYC ballet.
7. Be content with who and where you are and present in the moment; you are exactly where you are supposed to be.
8. Pack your lunch for work and cook more. It's healthier & it tastes better.
9. Take an all-inclusive, tropical vacation.
10. Go to a country concert. Perhaps even the rodeo.
11. Take pictures with a real camera instead of just your iPhone. Maybe even splurge on a nice camera.
12. Stop worrying about what other people are doing, what you're "supposed" to be doing, and pursue what makes you happy.
13. Join a yoga studio. Try to get into Spring Break '09 shape. Keep in mind that you are no longer 22.
14. Words to live by: "Leave room for serendipity".